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Noa Im is a South Korean-born filmmaker based in Toronto. Her turning point as a filmmaker came when she volunteered for a North Korean NGO, inspiring her to tell the stories of the people around her and to bring attention to the challenges they faced. She wants to amplify the voices of marginalized communities that are often overlooked.


Her passion led her to pursue an MFA in Documentary Media at Toronto Metropolitan University. Her thesis project was a short essay film about the Korean DMZ titled, “Looking through the Binoculars,” which explores the complex themes of borders, ideology, and South Korean military tourism.


She won an award from the Breakthrough Lab program at the Doc Institute in 2022. Through her work, she seeks to create a space for dialogue, reflection, and understanding. She hopes to inspire audiences to see the world in a new light, to question their assumptions and biases, and to engage with the pressing social issues of our time. 

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